Still room to the downside

There's still room to go.  Not time to buy.

The daily scores show a very green RumWave score.  However, it is not time to buy.  I think I need to re-calibrate the green return for that one.  The 4 Hr and Daily DJIA chart scores are cooling off.  I think there is still significant room to decline.  It seems likely to continue all this week, as the Euro panic just kicked off again.

My interpretation of the 4 hr chart is that we may get a little pause in the decline, but  the red and purple lines on the slow stochastic have ample room to run down.

Today was the first red candle on the chart (these are Heikin Ashi candles, not standard ones).  There is plenty of room to decline on all of the oscillators below the chart.  

Bottom line, there is still downside ahead.  

Best of luck tomorrow!