Whole lot of nuthin'

Getting my series 65!

Dearest RumWave followers,
If you have read the "About RumWave...readme" tab above, you know that I am not a professional investment adviser.  As a result of the popularity of this blog (over 100 page views a day, worldwide participation!) I have decided to pursue becoming a Registered Investment Adviser.  So, the big takeaway for all of my readers is that I have to cut back on the content of the blog.  I'll still post every day, but I won't post additional charts unless they are of significant value.  I only have a limited amount of time each day to sit in my home office and do this stuff, and the Series 65 studying is going to take the driver's seat.  So, please bear with me the next two months as I knock this out!

Today's action was unremarkable all around.  No big changes to speak of.  I decided not to go long here just to catch a potential rally.  The potential cost does not outweigh the benefit at this point.  I would really like to see a big pop to the upside.  Such action would put a definite end to this wave and I could go short with the UltraWave.  For now, I'm all cash waiting to see how it all shakes out.