Proverbial "Dead Cat Bounce" likely

Earlier today I wrote a mid-day post telling my readers how I recommended that my close friends take their profits on our short positions.  The end result was a 3-5% gain over the last week or so.  Stacked on the 6-7% gain I set them up for during the previous two weeks, and you come out with about a 10% gain for the month so far.  Total number of trades: 4.  

I don't personally know any successful day-traders, so I can't really compare to true day trader results, but I can compare to most any mutual fund and even most hedge funds.  The RumWave has returned more profit in a month than most of them will make all year, with only 4 trades and about 10 minutes of decision making per day.  Its a beautiful thing. 

Below are the scores for today.  We can see how the 4hr chart has turned green.  On previous waves this preceded a "very short term" market rally by one day.  We'll see tomorrow how it shakes out.