Still trying to push higher

Market trying to keep uptrend going

Friday's action started off lower then ended with a pop to the upside.  The early and mid-day action brought the 4 hr Slow Stochastic down a bit.. enough for bulls to jump back in apparently.  We may be seeing the start of another brief push to the upside after a sideways consolidation period.  The RumWave would support another move up for a short time (something like the next 3-5 business days).  Ultimately, I am on the sidelines for whatever happens until we get the definite sell signal.  Then I'll position the UltraWave for a downward move.
Of note for the daily scores (above), I re-baselined the color scheme for the RumWave scores.  So, now the scores are not as red.  The maximum score I assigned it was 450.  The highest score I've seen was 500.  This will give me a little red-flag warning before the all-time high score is reached just in case it doesn't make it that high.

The 4 hr chart is showing a little strength, particularly on the RSI with a higher low.  We also see an uptick in the %B and TrendQuality.

The daily chart (above) was relatively un-phased by Friday's action.  No real changes to speak of.