Wave Killer

Today marked the beginning of the end

We've been calling for (and needing) a market gain of a couple hundred points to kill this wave.  Today was a step in the right direction.  Ultimately, I expect we will climb higher tomorrow (option expiration Friday) and then maybe on Monday.  I'll be watching the RumWave closely going into the close tomorrow to determine if it is time to buy my 3x Inverse DJIA ETF.

The calculated scores above are pretty hot for the RumWave.  The internals of the RumWave score are not quite at a pure sell signal, but they are quite close to it (probably within 2-5 trading days).  Once we get the sell signal I'll position the UltraWave to profit from the impending decline.

BEST OF LUCK TOMORROW! (Time for me to get back in the books for the Series 65 Exam!)