Bulls need to fight back here

Bulls need a win here

Reviewing the scores below, the bulls look like they are poised for a little fight back.  The 4 hour score is very very low which gives the bulls the fuel they need to rocket up some.  However, the daily score still lends itself to a general move lower over the short term and so does the RumWave.  The RumWave is closer to a bottom than it is to a top.  For that reason I'm not going to get into another short position given the information I have.  Of course, I always reserve the right to change my mind!  Here is today's market data as reported on WSJ.com:

For today's scores, I zoomed out a bit to show you all the info that I track.  Note the 4 hour graph (3rd one down).  It is at super low levels.  Previously, the market rebounded a little when this happened.  But, my "buy" signal for the RumWave has not been triggered so I'm still waiting to make any moves.

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