Next support 13k

Drama Queen

Well, a 230 point selloff was not what I expected.  It seemed a little excessive to me and the decline dropped my scores off the chart to the low side.  However, a RumWave buy signal was not created (and its not even close to one).  So, I'm holding tight for a while longer.  It looks like the next level of support for the DJIA is in the vicinity of 13000.

Daily scores:

I have to think that some kind of bounce is probable tomorrow.  Even though I don't have a medium term buy signal from the RumWave I think the bullish "spring" is once again compressed and ready to be unleashed when the market does decide to go.  It is fairly rare that all three of my scores are green, and the Score Total is the lowest I've ever calculated.  Remember, this is all "reversion to the mean" type stuff so the gravity is to the upside in this case.