Ready to jump?

Bias is to the upside

On Friday the market flailed around a lot, closing ever so slightly positive.  On my charts I see some signs that we are setting up for a temporary move higher.  By temporary, I'm talking only a few days, maybe a week.  The RumWave would support such a move.  However, any plays to capitalize on this potential move are nothing more than gambles and are quite risky.  The RumWave chart is still no where near a buy signal.  For your nest egg, no-trades are better than bad trades.  If you want to play around with small positions to keep things interesting, have a good time and don't play with more money than you would be willing to flush down the toilet.

Daily scores:
The score chart is showing some rounding at the bottom.  In the past this has predicated small moves (couple hundred DJIA points) to the upside.

TSP Gameplan:  G Fund.  The lack of flexibility in TSP is prohibitive to capturing gains on short term moves so keep the powder dry, so to speak.  TSP does seem like it will work well with RumWave signals, so I'd wait until we get a good indication.

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