Stayed neutral today

I'm not convinced yet

Today the DJIA shot up at the open like I expected it might, but then retraced the entire rest of the day to close slightly negative.  Going  into the European market close (1030 CST) I was strongly considering going into a bullish position.  However, the market started to show some weakness and I decided to stay out.  Also, the RumWave chart has not met my "buy" criteria.  

Today's scores:

The scores above are screaming for a rip-your-face-off rally, which is making it very difficult for me to stay out.  During the day today I reviewed my RumWave chart signals back to 2008 and re-convinced myself that the right thing to do is trust my signals and wait for my "buy" criteria to be met.  Discipline and faith are two rarities when it comes to stock trading but it has proven to be the pillars of success when it comes to RumWave trading.

TSP Gameplan:  100% G fund, ready to move into C fund soon.


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