Your guess is as good as mine

No man's land

I was quite hopeful at 430 am (CST) when the futures were showing positive signs.  I was even more hopeful on my drive to work while listening to CNBC on satellite radio.  I was super optimistic and feeling good about things when I stepped to fly my sortie.  Then, when I had landed 1.5 hours later and got a chance to check the markets we were seeing what has been all too typical lately.  A nice pop at the open, only to be smacked down by the bears through the close of the European Markets.  Frustrating, but there's nothing we can do about it.  The bottom line is that I can make a reasonable case for moving higher from here and a reasonable case for moving lower from here.  For that reason, I'm in a holding pattern for my RumWave type investments.  I am, however, in a bullish "gamble" trade for a small position in a small cap index fund.  Hopefully I don't get crushed!

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