Another Win for the RumWave

Being right feels good

Time for a quick victory dance in the endzone!  Picture me doing the Neon Deion Sanders endzone dance after a 99 yard kickoff runback.

Now, back to work.

Today's action was great, but it was actually a little too big.  It opens the door to a little giveback.  The RumWave chart quickly zoomed up to resistance.   The 4 hr score is now in the yellowish-orangeish zone; slightly overbought.

 Today's Scores:

I'd not recommend jumping in here is you missed the jump.  I would wait until we get a little giveback, then jump in.  If you did heed the RumWave advice and scale in last week, be mentally prepared for the probable whipsaw.  I will set stops at my break even points, just in case.

Ultimately, I think we are in a short term bullish market for the next month or so.

TSP:  C or S fund.


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