Easy days

Please help me welcome Europe back to the headlines

The last week has seemed like a bit of a market vacation.  Between the non-trading days from superstorm Sandy, the weekend, and the days leading up to the election the market has done almost nothing.  It's been pretty boring, to be honest.  Everyone is just waiting to see what happens.  Unfortunately, we may not know the outcome on Wednesday morning because of the anticipated issues with vote counting.

I'd like to point out that Europe has been eerily silent for the last month or so.  There was a Barron's article some time ago that speculated on a deal between the powers that be to keep Europe on the back-burner until the end of the US elections.  I'm not one to believe such conspiracy theories, but you can't argue against the fact that we haven't heard anything noteworthy or doom and gloomish from our friends across the pond.  Allow me to be the first to welcome them back on the scene as soon as Wednesday.