Short day, big gain

Moving too quick

Don't look now, but we have a nice little rally on our hands.  From the day I turned on the green light my leveraged ETF has moved 10% to the upside.  I fully expect some of that to be given back next week.

Daily scores:

The daily scores are reflecting a market that is overbought in the short term.  The red scores on the 4 hr and the orange scores on the daily tell me that we need to have a sideways or downward correction.  However, I don't plan to exit my positions when it happens.  I'll wait for the RumWave chart to tell me it is time to get out.

The 4 hr chart (above) shows a little inverted head and shoulders pattern.  We've almost met it's target of 13,000 to 13,100.

The daily chart (above) is showing a bullish cross on the MACD.  This is a good example of why I'm not that big of a fan of the MACD.  The bullish crossover is showing itself a week after the RumWave gave the "go" signal.  I don't find late signals to be all that helpful.

TSP Gameplan:  C and /or S fund

401k Gamplan:  mirror the DJIA


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