Face Ripper

Good day for bulls

What a great way for market bulls to kick off 2013!  Not to throw cold water on the day, but we're less than 100 DJIA points above where we were two weeks ago.  The daily scores moved higher today, as you would expect.  Traditional technical analysis is out the door for the next little bit, so I'll just hang out waiting for a reliable signal.  Common sense tells me that after a 300+ rally in one day, a little profit taking is in store.  For that reason, I've set up a little automated trigger if we get a decline tomorrow.  It is my first attempt with an automated trade, so we'll see how it goes!

The scores:

TSP / IRA / 401K:  Still in safety.. I wouln't be chasing at this point.  Many big money managers were saying they were selling the rally today.