Chop Chop, Top Top

Chop Chop, Top Top

Surely I'm not the first one to come up with that rhyme!  Nonetheless, I think it holds true and is a good description of what the market seems to be doing right now.  Today the DJIA didn't break above Friday's highs.   Instead it bounced right off the same resistance level.  In the last 10 minutes of trading today I saw (on 30 minute candles) some oscillators turn over to the downside, so I purchased a few PUT contracts on the DIA.   I'm looking forward to seeing how the futures look when I wake up tomorrow!

By the way, I downloaded the CNBC alarm clock app.. I love it.  Becky Quick wakes me up each morning and tells me if the futures are up, down, or neutral..  There are worse ways to wake up!


TSP :  G fund
IRA / 401k:  Very cautious here, I'm in very safe plays