RumWave Mini Sell signal

Tiny Tiny Sell signal

So, today the RumWave chart produced a sell signal.  However, it barely met my criteria for the signal.  That said, if it turns out to be true it will be in line with the massive bearish divergence that the RumWave chart has been building for a while now.  Such bearish divergence preceded large market sell offs.  Time will tell how this one turns out.  I should point out that when the next correction starts, it should be the conclusion of a 5 wave Elliot Wave move and would probably last for quite some time, and possibly erase all the gains of 2013.  Doom and gloom.. the sky is falling.. cats and dogs living together.. etc.

Here are today's scores:

Here is the bottom row (Score Total) graphed since June of 2012.  Note where it is in relation to previous peaks: