About RumWave - Read Me

What is RUM Wave?

The RUM Wave it the title I've given to my proprietary market analysis system.  It stands for Reversion to the Unified Mean (RUM).  The "wave" portion of the title refers the theory that large markets tend to cycle in waves.  It IS NOT Eliot Wave. The goal of the RumWave is to exploit the changes in wave direction and position trades in equities that mirror the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  The expected holding period is 10 to 20 business days, but holding times may differ significantly based on market conditions.

Armed with the knowledge of when the market will shift directions, we are able to capitalize on the upward moves and miss the downward moves.  By trading a leveraged ETF we can quickly compound returns resulting in percentage gains that easily outpace standard benchmarks.

Risk Profile

Because of the leveraged nature of the trading vehicle I use, this trading method should be considered "HIGH RISK".  

Who I am (Disclaimer)

I am not a professional or certified financial adviser! .  This blog is strictly market commentary (for legal purposes this is to be considered a newsletter) that I started for the benefit of friends that were interested in my method.  Any trades you make are your own, and should not be based solely on information found within this blog.

Information found within this blog is in no way to be considered personalized financial advice.  Consult your investment professional before placing any trades.