Hello!  My name is Landon and I'm on a mission to simplify investing.  My goal is to provide average investors with high probability entry points and advance the concept of Active Index Trading.  

You see, I'm a millennial (barely) who has been investing since the age of 18.  My first investing experience was at the height of the .com bubble.  I visited a big name investment firm to start my Roth IRA with $1000.  At the time, all I heard about was how everyone was making big bucks in every investment.  It was 1998 and I was about to leave for college where I would major in Business Management. Throughout 1999 and 2000 I steadily poured my dollars into my IRA waiting for the big returns.  Strangely, my account never grew any more than what I put in.  I would get my statements in the mail and wonder why this big firm was not making me money.  Could it have been that I filled out the standard new-client questioner incorrectly?  Probably not. More likely I had fallen prey to a salesman in a nice suit who baffled me with technical jargon.  "Sounds good to me!" I'm sure I was thinking.  

Fast forward to 2005.  The market collapse of 2001 had left me (and a lot of other people) with a bad taste in my mouth.  I was still going back to that same big firm and still seeing mediocre results.  By this time, I was fully involved in my professional life and had little time to spare.  I still loved the stock market but I was frustrated.  So, I decided to become my own money manager.  

This part is important.  I am, in no way shape or form, a professional money manager.  I am not an investment adviser.  I am simply a person who has taken their investment future into their own hands and I encourage others to do the same. Like many of those who will read this, I am now in my investing prime.  I have a job I enjoy, a mortgage, two cars (one is a standard soccer-mom SUV for my wife) and two children.  All of them depend on me to keep the lights on and to be ready for the future.  College.  College.  Wedding.  Wedding.  Retirement for two.  (Hopefully in that order.)

Sounds daunting.

Like many others who are reading this, I self-educated myself (how's that for grammar?) on the ways of the stock market. My first foray into the reading list was a book called A Random Walk Down Wall Street.  Spoiler Alert!  It lays out a strong case for index investing.  Index investing is the concept that, rather than picking individual stocks, you purchase a group of stocks that represent the entire market or a particular market index (S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, etc.)  It was the foundation for my stock market knowledge, and I still believe in it today.  However, new investment tools called ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds (and, even better, LEVERAGED ETFs that can offer 2 to 3 times the returns..and losses, to be fair) take this game to a whole new level.

Seasoned investors - I know I just lost some of you with the whole leveraged ETF idea... hang in there, I'll get you over the media-bias against them shortly.

My method is simple.  Beat the market by BEING the market while it is going up.  Exit to the sidelines when it starts going down.  Avoid prolonged "buy and hold" strategies.  Let the market take you for the ride it wants to go on, don't force trades to go where you BELIEVE they should. Yes, the concept is a little "zen" but it works well, requires about 5 minutes of research a day (you can even skip a day or two and be okay) and is a lot less stressful than hoping the CEO of XYZ company doesn't get caught in a scandal or have some medical issue that causes XYZ's stock to plummet.  

If you are ready to kick that big firm to the curb, or simply need to start your savings and need a direction, I welcome you to visit this site often as I analyze the market conditions that are driving my personal market entry and exit points.  Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through the site.  Current market analysis will always be under the tab named, "Current Market Analysis." 

Best wishes!